Season 3 Off and Roaring



At the onset of our 3rd season, we welcomed over 30 new faces to our preseason reception.  Along with our returning members, we are trending toward a chorus of nearly 70 total singers!  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our media partners, Larry Lannan, Current in Fishers and Fishers Magazine.  Our “Test Drive” period ends next Tuesday, so we will close all registration after that rehearsal (7pm, Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy).

As we gear up toward a VERY active holiday season, we want to thank all of the newcomers for their interest.  We’ve picked up a lot of GREAT voices, but some others have decided to delay their membership.  Fret not!  We will have a mid-season registration period in January, after our holiday break.  Stay Tuned here for more details!

For those of you who are now in the fold, please consult this page or our Facebook Group for updates on practice guides and rehearsal schedules.  We will be developing a phone tree in the next week or two, just in case of unforeseen changes with any of our scheduled events.

Who is FCC??


Local media icon Larry Lannan reached out this week to our Conductor and Company Manager for a feature podcast interview.  The conversation circled around the secrets to our special brand of success, the plans for our Season 3 Kickoff Party, and what drives Schuyler and Marc to forge onward and upward with new ideas for our blossoming group.  We’re honored to have the opportunity to share even a part of our story with the community.

Stream or download the podcast here.  It’s perfect for your morning/afternoon commute or as dinner prep background noise.  We’re sure you’ll find some new insight into the purpose and character of this group!

Season 3 is Nigh!

After another VERY productive leadership committee meeting, our upcoming season is coming together very nicely.  Here’s a brief preview:

It didn’t take much introspection for us to come to the conclusion that our chorus exists not because of the songs we sing.  It doesn’t matter where we sing them.  It only matters that we have created our own “tribe” of like-minded, supportive, and creative neighbors.  In a time when people are becoming more and more secluded and isolated we have created a place to gather together and become more than the sum of our parts.  This season, we’ll be focusing heavily on the foundation for our success…


Our 2017-2018 season will begin Tuesday, August 29, at 7pm at Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy.  Please add this to your calendars now, so you don’t miss your opportunity to check us out!  We’re starting the 2017-2018 season with a social gathering, so we can get to know you, each other, and why people join our ranks.  We’ll be providing some light refreshments, a few presentations from our conductor and company manager, and some fun activities that will introduce or reacquaint you with Fishers Community Chorus. You’ll also be introduced to members of our leadership committee, and provided with a personal contact to answer your individual questions.

We are very excited to share another year of song with all of you.  Don’t believe it? We have a countdown on the side of our homepage.  We genuinely can’t wait to meet you.


The following was excerpted from an April 10, 2011 blog post on that can be found here.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

From personal experience, I find that working on my own with more than 70 singers at a time is very tiring. I don’t know why it should make a difference that there are 20 singers in each part instead of 15, but it does.

The maximum number of singers you can work with also depends on the space available and how you work. Obviously a larger room can take more singers, but even a large space might be too small if you need to do lots of moving around. If you work with the singers seated, you can squeeze more people in.

The singers also need to be able to hear you clearly, so even if you think you can work with 200 singers, there might be trouble ahead if you’re in a large hall with no amplification.

When you start out with a new choir, you may think that bigger is better, but there are definite pros and cons to having a large group.


Sophomore Season Ballpark Bash!

We wrapped up a very busy, incredibly fulfilling 2016-2017 season with a gorgeous night at Victory Field.  We performed the Star Spangled Banner for the fans in attendance for the Indianapolis Indians win over the visiting Lehigh Valley IronPigs.  Attendance for the May 30 game was 6,452 (our largest audience to date).  Now to take a few months to enjoy the summer and plan some way to make 2017-2018 even better!!

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